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Welcome to Central Trading Agency

At CTA, Inc. we’ve championed procurement outsourcing! We specialize in the procurement of goods and commodities within the aerospace and manufacturing industries. Regardless of industry or scope our procurement experts are highly skilled at sourcing materials of need while improving costs, procurement lead times, and operational expenses.


  • Help companies save up to 30% of internal procurement costs by leveraging our relationship with over  2,000 vendors.
  • Establish immediate value by maximizing every dollar spent to aid in the achievement of financial goals. We accomplish this by expediting the entire procurement process, with industry best RFQ response times and expedited order delivery, thus reducing manufacturing cycle times and boosting productivity.
  • Source hard to find products that other vendors give up on.
  • Fulfill and deliver orders when you need them, especially in critical situations when your company is facing downtime.

Our entire operation is dedicated to outperforming our client’s expectations. Let us handle your RFQ’s and see what sets us apart!

Has your company experienced any of the following problems related to procurement?

  • Layoffs or internal cost-cutting forcing procurement to do more with less
  • Expansive driving new procurement demands for specific projects without allocating additional procurement resources
  • Need to add procurement staff increases perception of procurement as a cost center
  • Existing procurement service providers failing to meet delivery schedules
  • Existing procurement service providers failing to identify best sources for products
  • Project cost overruns due to late delivery of critical component parts

If you’ve experienced one or more of these challenges then Procurement Outsourcing may be a good solution for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find purchasing outsourcing services located in the USA that is less expensive than services outsourced overseas?

We have direct relationships with over 2,000 vendors and manufacturers that provide us with low cost procurement options. If there is a product out there to find, we can find it! If you are looking for a low cost of virtually any commodity we can obtain it! Procurement officers are under such great pressure to be more efficient, to do more with less – if this is your situation we can assist you.

Is our service really no-cost?

Our very low mark-up combined with our ability to negotiate low pricing within our existing supplier network allows your company to outsource your procurement needs without any additional cost. The payback on the service we provide is immediate. And with no long-term contract or up-front investment, we have eliminated any risk in utilizing our procurement services.

  • Focus on your core competencies for greater market share
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Volume purchasing saves money on commodity purchases
  • Off-load the time burden of tedious time-consuming tasks
  • Reduce cyclical staffing demands
  • Increase long-term stability of your procurement functions

Why Outsource With Us?

Customer Service

We provide the reach and expertise of a large global organization with the attention and quality of a small family owned business.

Cost Savings

CTA offers extremely competitive pricing strategies resulting in internal procurement savings of up to 30%.

Global Partnerships

While proudly U.S. owned and operated our relationships stretch globally and repressent more than 2000 partnerships worldwide.

Let us demonstrate what differentiates us from the pack. Send us your RFQ today for a no hassle, no obligation quote. Our experts are standing by!

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